Burial Services

Sacred Crossings currently offers traditional burial and two options for green burial in Los Angeles.

The following descriptions may help you decide which of our burial services is best for your loved-one:


  • Takes place in a registered cemetery
  • The burial plot and headstone are purchased directly from the cemetery
  • Burial container must be a hardwood casket
  • Casket is placed inside a concrete vault and buried at a depth of 6′
  • Funeral celebrant for chapel and/or graveside service provided by Sacred Crossings upon request



  • Must take place in certified ‘green’ or ‘natural’ cemetery.
  • Burial container or shroud must be 100% biodegradable materials
  • Body must not be embalmed
  • No concrete or fiberglass vaults are used. Burial is 3′ – 4′ deep depending on cemetery requirements
  • No headstones¬† – grave markers are natural rocks, plants and GPS coordinates
  • No maintenance is required – graves become part of the natural habitat.

Visit our Green Burials page for more details on our services.



  • The body is shrouded in a weighted, sail-cloth shroud
  • Burial takes place 4- 6-miles off shore at a minimum depth of 2,000′
  • Up to 200 guests may accompany the body on the vessel and hold a simply ceremony on board before burial
  • GPS coordinates allow family members to re-visit the grave and be buried at the same site
  • Vessels leave from the ports of Long Beach, Marina del Rey, San Pedro, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Morrow Bay

Visit our Sea Burials page for more details on our services.


Please call us for referrals to green and traditional cemeteries in the Los Angeles area

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