Cremation Services

Today, most families are choosing cremation services over burial for either religious and cultural reasons, financial savings or environmental consideration.


At Sacred Crossings we do our best to keep our cremations as ‘green’ as possible – the body is not embalmed, we combust only the simple cardboard cremation container or pine box and we offer only 100% biodegradable cremation urns for the ashes.

Green Cremations Los Angeles County

If requested, Sacred Crossings will deliver the cremation box to your home where family and friends can personalize it with messages and decoration before the loved-one is placed inside.



Our Direct Cremation Service Includes:

  • Transport from the place of death or coroner to our care facility
  • Refrigerated storage 
  • Filing death certificate and permits
  • the cremation process in a simple cremation container
  • Return of ashes in a temporary urn

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Direct Cremation Services Los Angeles County


Our Witness Cremation Service Includes:

Witness Cremations Los Angeles
  • The opportunity to view the body, close the cremation casket and hold a 10-minute goodbye ceremony at our cremation facility
  • Witnessing the insertion of the cremation box into the retort
  • Family starts the machinery
  • Return of ashes to the family the following day.


A Cremation with a Funeral includes: 

  • Casketing the body at our facility OR at your home (after the 3-day home vigil)
  • Transport to a venue of your choice in either hearse or van for the funeral service 
  • A funeral service in our chapel/venue of your choice
  • Hire of our funeral celebrant to plan and officiate the service, if required
  • The cremation process


Witness Cremations LA County


An alternative cremation such as Water Cremation, also known as Alkaline Hydrolysis, is now offered in many states. Los Angeles is in the process of securing an Alkaline Hydrolysis facility, but this is not yet available. 

To learn more about this option, please visit the cremation association’s website

Unsure of which cremation service is best for your needs? Please call us.

Green Cremations Los Angeles, California

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