Death Has Occurred

If a death has occurred, please call Sacred Crossings – 


Whether you are considering a direct cremation, or need assistance planning services, a home funeral or navigating coroner protocol, a trained Death Midwife will help guide you through the process.

The following is a guide to help you understand your options…


In the case of an unexpected death by accident, suicide or sudden death at home, the police must be informed.  Do not touch or move the body.  The police will notify the coroner who will remove the body to the coroner’s office for autopsy.  After autopsy, the body will be transferred to our care facility and we will contact you to discuss options for viewing, funeral services, cremation and burial.


If your loved-one is on hospice either at home or in a facility, call the hospice. The hospice nurse will be dispatched to confirm the death and will ask which funeral home you would like to use. Please call Sacred Crossings. We will then dispatch transport and bring your loved-one to our care facility. If you wish to have a home-funeral, our Sacred Crossing Guides will arrive at your home to guide you through the process.


If your loved-one has died in hospital of known causes please let the medical staff know that you are choosing Sacred Crossings Funeral home.  They will contact us and we will dispatch transport to bring the body into our care facility.

There is no need to do anything further at this time, rest assured your loved-one is in good hands. Now it is wise to take quiet time to be with family. We will contact you to discuss your wishes, provide all necessary paperwork and make a plan for services.

If your loved-one is going to be removed from life support, a Sacred Crossing Guide can support you with after-death rituals, gentle body preparation and shrouding before the body is released into our care for cremation or burial.

If cause of death is unknown, the body will be released to the coroner for autopsy.  After autopsy,  we will bring your loved-one to our refrigerated care facility and will then contact you to discuss options.



We offer the option to bring your loved-one home for a home vigil and funeral, if you’d like to know more, please visit our Home Funerals page. For families who would simply like a little more time with their loved-one, we offer A FINAL FAREWELL – the opportunity to partake in caring for the body, (bathing, dressing and/or shrouding) where death occurs. This sacred time with the body provides intimate opportunity for saying goodbye while honoring the physical body that has given so much. Please call us for details.


“When I got the call from an investigator telling me my father had passed I was told I had to choose a mortuary and I found Sacred Crossings. Olivia answered the phone and handled everything beautifully. One of the things she said to do while waiting for transport was to sit with my father – she told me it was a sacred time. It was one of the maybe 100 things she said right about this entire process.

From the moment I dialed the number until even now, days after the funeral, I have felt supported by Sacred Crossings. Mostly all the big decisions fell into my hands and I was clueless. They presented me with many options to celebrate my father’s life and helped me listen to my inner guides in choosing the right path for my dad. Sacred is exactly what the ceremony was. They even talked me out of a decision that would have added an additional $800 to the cost just to ensure I honored my dad in the way that felt right.

The Sacred Crossings celebrant was amazing, she cut through anything at the funeral that did not serve my father’s highest interest. I love her for doing that. She was able to tune into my father’s energy in a way that when she was speaking about him I learned things about him I didn’t even know. I was learning about him even in death and I plan to continue doing the same and start a new chapter with my dad one without the pain, stories and karma.

If you’re reading this and you are making this tough decision to decide whose hands to put your loved one in, you can exhale and trust Sacred Crossings to hold your hand and even carry all of you when necessary, throughout this process.”  — Chantelle T

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