Home Funerals

Sacred Crossings upholds that at the moment of death and during the immediate days following there is a window of opportunity for profound healing and transformation. When the body is taken away too soon, a family can be left feeling helpless, lost and longing for a little more time. When a family is invited to participate in the after-death care of the body they are able to ease into their grief and begin to gently integrate the loss into their new lives.

Sacred Crossings Funeral Home offers families the opportunity to spend intimate time with the un-embalmed body of their loved one before burial or cremation. This compassionate and deeply personal service is made possible by our certified Death Midwives committed to maintaining the sacred while supporting families through every step of this difficult journey.


A home funeral may include one or more of the following options:

  • After-death rituals in hospital or nursing home after death is pronounced (when autopsy is not required)
  • Support and guidance for immediate family members with bathing, anointing, dressing or shrouding the body in the home setting.
  • Support and guidance for a 1 to 3-day vigil and funeral in the home
  • Delivery of a prepared cremation casket and art supplies to the home for friends and family to decorate
  • Celebrant services for creating and officiating a Celebration of Life funeral or memorial service

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If you would like a home funeral for your loved one, please contact Sacred Crossings before death to arrange for a consultation in your home.


This slide show illustrates the components of a home vigil and funeral: