“After my friend’s tragic, very public and sudden death, Sacred Crossings not only shrouded her body, arranged for a casket viewing in our home and organized a sea burial, but provided tender care throughout as we struggled with our emotions as well as myriad logistical details. Their commitment to open, sensitive communication results in complete trust; my friend was honored and cared for as were all who loved her.” — Kate Lipkis

“Thank you for all you did for our family, we would have been lost without your services as this was frightening and unknown territory for all of us. The love and guidance you gave us was so comforting and encouraging.”  Richard Manor

“While I initially did not understand what you did, I can tell you that I do now, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to deal with their loved ones in a most respectful and loving, as well as caring manner. You went beyond the call of duty in expediting, especially getting the ashes to us when we needed them the most. Knowing how close our family is now and how our loved one touched hundreds of people, we all share the same opinion of what you did for us, and the loving and caring manner in which you handled Damon’s last days with us.”  — Mark A. Geller

“The greatest gift to me was the ritual of the preparation of the body to lay in repose. The simplicity and beauty of bathing and dressing her body, which would be routine if done by the hands of strangers, became a ritual of deepest love for me. I felt extremely honored when Kamala said “Yes,” she wanted me to bathe her. She fully trusted me to fulfill this final intimacy with respect and love for her; and worship of the divine feminine which she manifested. You understood that love and devotion and held space for me to give my fullest commitment to her final ablutions.” — Larry Vigus

“My son is extremely sensitive and quiet with his emotions. The activity of creating a piece of art to celebrate his grandfather’s life was so therapeutic for him. It allowed him to release his grief by sharing the gift of his talent in decorating his grandfather’s casket.  Thank you for making this the most beautiful way to take my father to meet our family who had for gone before us.”    — Judi Angstmann

“Sacred Crossings prepared the most beautiful lying in for our darling Toni Bua a ceremony full of grace and harmony! Toni looked magnificent in a white silk gown and golden silk surrounds. She laid there for 3 days resplendent so all her friends could say farewells.” — Maya Waterman

“What you have done for our family is beyond special. A rare gift that we will forever treasure. You have been kind and patient, respectful and supportive all at once. Without you, our son’s farewell dance would have been very very different. I am so proud of what we did. This now defines me in new ways. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” — Leonor and Lucas

“I have been struck by how smoothly I have responded to Mom’ death–not overcome with grief or despair or really overwhelmed by emotion in any way. I think having the opportunity to keep her body at home was really healing, it helped me to integrate the grief. Thank you!”    — Geoffrey Hale

“What can I say about Sacred Crossings? Let me tell you our story and how they made it happen. Our baby girl Bella was born at 25 weeks and she lived for 4 months and all that time was in the NICU. She lost her battle on July 20, 2016 in her mothers arms. We left the hospital feeling empty. We were cheated out of memories of us with our sweet baby girl Bella in her true home. That night my wife found info on bringing lost loved ones home but nothing tells you how or what needs to be done. Thursday morning bright and early while searching the internet I found Sacred Crossings with a name and phone number. I called and Olivia answered, listened to my story and even though we were a ways outside of her area she got it arranged. The cremation was set up and we were able to pick Bella up and bring her home for 3 days. Having our baby Bella home worked wonders for Bella’s Mom, Sister, Brother and of course me. We got to hold her and talk with her without having the machines beeping and alarms going off and the nursing staff and doctors continually asking questions and doing things in the area. What can I say about Sacred Crossings? They worked a miracle for my family and allowed us to make memories and mourn in our own way which allowed us to heal. Olivia, We are grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you helped us do.” — Mike Dunn and Family