San Pedro Burial at Sea


Most people assume that “burial at sea,” is the scattering of ashes from a boat a few miles from shore. Although this is a form of burial, Sacred Crossings offers a full-body deep sea burial.

A full-body, deep sea burial is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of burying your loved one. Sacred Crossings proudly offers this beautiful, 100% green burial from most ports in Southern California, including San Pedro, CA.

San Pedro, a beautiful neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles, is a modern port on the Pacific coast. This historic area is picturesque with a stunning coastline and spectacular sunsets, making it the perfect location for a unique and sacred burial-at-sea.

San Pedro Burial At Sea


There are many benefits to choosing sea burial over ground or mausoleum burial. First and foremost is that a burial-at-sea is the most natural and eco-friendly choice.

Some other benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need to purchase a burial plot, open and close the grave and maintain cemetery grounds
  • Conserves natural resources: no burial vault, grave digging equipment, or headstone is required, making it the most eco-friendly burial option
  • Allows family members to remain close to their loved-one during the boat ride to the sea cemetery, assist with deploying the body, cast flowers into the ocean
  • It is a beautiful symbolization of a return to life’s ocean.
  • The picturesque one-hour boat trip to and from the sea cemetery allows time for memory sharing, celebration or quiet reflection.
  • Close family members can be interred at the same coordinates.
  • Loved-ones can use the GPS coordinates to visit the exact location for remembrance or for ceremonial purposes
  • The beach becomes a memorial and a welcome retreat.
  • Significant financial savings over a traditional burial.

At Sacred Crossings Funeral Home, our commitment is maintaining the sacred. A burial-at-sea provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to commemorate, honor, and mourn your loved one.


Sacred Crossings Funeral Home is an alternative and environmentally friendly funeral home that specializes in green, eco-friendly products and after-death care techniques. We are an alternative funeral home local to LA county, owned and operated by death midwives committed to preserving the spiritual while assisting you and your family during the death process.

Our death midwives are committed to giving you and your loved ones a meaningful and memorable experience. Our sea burials offer a unique opportunity for a final celebration.

Read the experience of one family’s home funeral and full-body sea burial experience here.

Burial at Sea San Pedro California

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone 310-805-5561 or e-mail:, we would be happy to explain the process to you.

All vessels chartered by Sacred Crossings are fully insured and meet or exceed US Coast Guard safety requirements. Passenger capacity from 6 – 200 depending on the vessel. Prices vary accordingly. Only one USCG certified vessel is required – family are on board with the decedent and may participate in the deployment of the shroud and flower offering.

Sacred Crossing Guides are available to help choose the right Vessel and Coastal Port for your needs. We coordinate with the Captain and Vessel Charter staff and accompany the family on board to oversee the burial and safe return to port. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.


The sea burial typically takes half a day – please allow up to 4 hours for your sea burial.

Departure from the port in San Pedro is at 8:00 AM, and the journey to the gravesite is approximately 1 hour. We will cruise to the gravesite at a relaxed speed, offering an opportunity for reflection and or celebration.

We will perform a committal service and deployment of shroud or casket over the course of about 15 – 20 minutes. Return journey is another hour.

If you choose, flowers, Funeral Celebrant and special requests can be accommodated. A Full body Burial at Sea Certificate with Burial Coordinates is provided.


Navy burial at sea Los Angeles

We service Veterans from the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and US Coast Guard.

A Military Honor Guard and US Flag is provided at time of service for those qualified with honorable discharge and DD214.

Military honors will be provided if possible.

Military and Civilian Full-Body Burial at Sea with family attending starting at $6500. Please contact us directly for more details.


A full-body sea burial requires considerable preparation. Please contact Sacred Crossings staff in advance of your wishes, so we may begin to make the necessary arrangements to ensure your day is carried out to your wishes. It may take up to two weeks from time of death to file all necessary permits, create the custom shroud and coordinate with Charter vessels, Captain and crew.

Note: Weather is unpredictable, so going on the vessel is a weather-dependent experience. Our US Coast Guard Licensed Captains reserve the right to postpone departure due to unsafe weather conditions. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence in Southern California.

Thank you!

We look forward to supporting your family with a personal and memorable burial at sea.

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